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 お話を伺いつつ、一緒に作っていきましょうという感じで進めてます。 info(at) 
Based in a small workshop (lab) in a small town (rustic), we experiment and prototype.

Our products are a fusion of elements (RUSTIC) with natural texture and handmade feel and elements (LAB) with scientific experimentation and innovative ideas.

We have taken the concept of "JIKU" (axis) as our concept of manufacturing items that we would like to have in a fixed position in everyday life,
We combine mass-produced products and handwork in just the right amount of production.

We are engaged in client work and in-house product development at our own pace, so it is difficult to introduce our business because it is so diverse,However, since we are like a "jack-of-all-trades," if you contact us, we may be able to assist you in some way.

We are willing to listen to what you have to say and work with you to create something together.

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